In order to successfully enroll you must:

  1. register as a new user on this portal by clicking the “ENROLLMENT” button;
  2. confirm registration by clicking the link shown in the email;
  3. check seat availability for the active sessions;
  4. book a seat in the edition you prefer, depending on the availability of seats. In the event that all seats are already sold out for the chosen edition, the system will not allow you to book, and you will have to choose a different session with available seats if you want to attend the course;
  5. pay the registration fee within 15 minutes from the booking, strictly following the guided procedure shown in this portal;
  6. Be careful: if payment is not made, the selected seat will return available for other users.
  7. check, once you have completed the registration process, that you have received an email containing the confirmation of your enrollment and booking, along with all the necessary information.