Online preparation courses for the admission test to UniSR International MD Program

  • Intensive
  • Strengthening
  • Single subject course

Starting this year, four will be three types of courses available: Intensive (and Intensive PLUS), Strengthening and Single subject course; for some of the courses a review is planned close to the date of the admission test. All courses will be held live and remotely.

The INTENSIVE course, with a duration of 30 hours, focuses on preparation for the admission tests, devoting most of its time to exercises and techniques for tackling the tests, which are specific to each subject and taken as a whole as a final test. The course does, however, include theoretical references to support the exercises, and the lecturers provide all the explanations necessary for understanding the proposed content. The INTENSIVE courses is more suitable for students who already have a solid preparation in the topics covered by the test questions and wish to acquire efficiency and speed in the execution of the tests.

The 30-hour intensive course will take place from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon in summer session and only afternoon in winter session. (download pdf below for more details)


Type of intensive course

Intensive: 30 hours, Monday to Friday, all day in in summer session and afternoon in winter session

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The 48-hour STRENGTHENING WITH REVIEW courses are held during the weekend and are designed to offer an in-depth preparation to those who do not have time during by balancing the time dedicated to the exercises with the time needed to resume, explain and share theoretical recollections of the admission test topics in the classroom. Apart from the 40 hours of lessons, a review of 8 hours is scheduled closer to the admission test (always during the weekend)

The 48-hour English language courses will take place on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning. (download pdf below for more details)

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The SINGLE SUBJECT COURSE course allows each student to target their preparation by focusing on the subjects where they really need to improve.

The lessons are structured in 3-hour blocks, for a total of 12 hours. Therefore, the student can tailor their preparation by choosing the subject(s) of their interest.

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